5th Expert Group Meeting


Date: Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017 - Friday, Sep 22, 2017

Time: (All day)

Incheon, Republic of Korea

Add to Calendarhttps://communities.unescap.org/asia-pacific-expert-group-disaster-related-statistics/meetings/5th-expert-group-meeting09-19-2017 17:00:0009-21-2017 17:00:00355th Expert Group Meeting  Draft DRSF  Group Photo  Meeting Summary Report LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND: Disaster Resilience for Sustainable Development       UNESCAP 20/09/2017 REMOTE SENSING DROUGHT MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT BASED ON MODIS DATA IN MONGOLIA        ODBAYAR Mishigdorj, ELBEGJARGAL Nasanbat, Chang Sheng, Bulgan DAVDAI& Battsetseg TUVDENDORJ  20/09/2017 Dzud disaster in Mongolia       Ch Tungalag  20/09/2017 Place- And Age- Responsive Disaster Risk Reduction for Hong Kong       Yi Sun  20/09/2017 Disproportionate impact of disasters on women and gender-mainstreamed disaster risk management recommendations for South Korea       Eun Ha Chang  20/09/2017 Development of Disaster-related Statistics Framework (DRSF)        Daniel Clarke  20/09/2017 Mexico addressing Sendai Disaster Risk Reduction Framework       Michael Nagy (on behalf of INEGI)  20/09/2017 Using census data for developing community-based hazard exposure statistics for Pacific Island States        Phil Bright  20/09/2017  Regional Pilot test for Population Exposure Estimation        Jean-Louis Weber & Daniel Clarke  20/09/2017 Strengthening Tsunami preparedness and awareness for school children in the Asia Pacific region         UNDP  20/09/2017 Progress on the drought monitoring mechanism        Nana Yan  20/09/2017 Establishing Disaster Loss Databases         Ridwan Yunus  21/09/2017 Sendai Targets and Indicators: A roadmap for implementation TARGETS A-D        UNISDR  21/09/2017 Sustainable Cities : Sustainable Development Goal 11, Disaster Risk, Vulnerability and Resilience        Antony Abilla  21/09/2017 Disaster Impacts on Health and Sanitation System in Bangladesh        Md. Rafiqul Islam  21/09/2017 Measuring Disaster Risk for Urban areas in Asia-Pacific       Daniel Clarke  21/09/2017 HOW TO CREATE GEO DATA BASE FOR DISASTER MANAGEMENT        Nihal Samarakone & Ranjith Weerasekara  22/09/2017 Statistical Offices Role in measuring extreme Events and Disasters: CES Task Force on Measuring extreme Events and Disasters        Angela Ferruzza & Michael Nagy  22/09/2017 Concept Note Information Note for Participants Agenda Incheon, Republic of Korea trueYYYY/MM/DD

 Draft DRSF

 Group Photo

 Meeting Summary Report

      UNESCAP 20/09/2017
      ODBAYAR Mishigdorj, ELBEGJARGAL Nasanbat, Chang Sheng, Bulgan DAVDAI& Battsetseg TUVDENDORJ  20/09/2017
      Ch Tungalag  20/09/2017
      Yi Sun  20/09/2017
      Eun Ha Chang  20/09/2017
       Daniel Clarke  20/09/2017
      Michael Nagy (on behalf of INEGI)  20/09/2017
       Phil Bright  20/09/2017
       Jean-Louis Weber & Daniel Clarke  20/09/2017
        UNDP  20/09/2017
       Nana Yan  20/09/2017
        Ridwan Yunus  21/09/2017
       UNISDR  21/09/2017
       Antony Abilla  21/09/2017
       Md. Rafiqul Islam  21/09/2017
      Daniel Clarke  21/09/2017
       Nihal Samarakone & Ranjith Weerasekara  22/09/2017
       Angela Ferruzza & Michael Nagy  22/09/2017