RPES Outputs

The Regional Programme on Economic Statistics for the Improvement of Economic Statistics in Asia and the Pacific and a Core Set of economic statistics were endorsed by the Committee on Statistics at its second session in December 2010. In 2012, the third session of the Committee on Statistics approved the Implementation plan for the Regional Programme for the Improvement of Economic Statistics in Asia and the Pacific.

The Programme is designed to improve soundness of economic analysis and related decision making through increased availability and effective use of timely, reliable and comparable economic statistics. It aims to increase capacity of national statistical systems in Asia and the Pacific to produce and disseminate, in line with the international standards, the Core Set of Economic Statistics by 2020.

The core set of economic statistics, developed as a common regional guideline, determines the capabilities of national statistical systems required to produce economic statistics, and defines the scope and approaches of the regional programme. The regional programme is, in turn, expected to inform and unify both countries’ and development partners’ capacity-building initiatives.

The Programme is set to achieve four outputs, that in turn, will contribute to attaining the Programme outcome and the Programme goal. 




Advocacy - Increased political support and appreciation of the importance of investing in the improvement of national capacity to produce the Core Set.

Coordination - Improved coordination of statistics activities, within NSSs and among development partners.

Infrastructure -  Improved national statistical infrastructure for the production and dissemination of the Core Set.

Skills -  Improved human resource skills of NSS staff in areas that are essential for the collection of economic data and for the compilation, dissemination and use of the Core Set.