Integrated Economic Statistics to Support 2008 SNA Implementation

This e-learning package on Integrated Economic Statistics to Support 2008 SNA Implementation is developed from the materials of the regional course held in Bangkok, April 2017.

To access the course, please login in by following the instructions:

  1. Access the link:
  2. log in page will appear. Click on the “Create New Account” button.
  3. Provide all the information required to set-up your account. 
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  7. Now, select the course “Integrated Economic Statistics to support 2008 SNA Implementation” from among the list of Available Courses on Environment Statistics.
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To download the package, please follow the instructions:

  1. Access the e-learning package from this link.
  2. Click E-learning package, download and save all folders and files to your local computer. 
  3. Double-click on the file titled RPES_Integrated_Statistics.html to start the course in the browser. Although internet connection is not necessary, a browser is needed to launch the HTML page
  4. You can access each module by clicking on respective bullets 
  5. Exercises and solutions can be found in the folder Exercises

Important: Ensure that the folder names and file names are not changed otherwise the links to module in the HTML main page will not work.