APES 2019 - Featured papers

High level panel discussion on Monitoring sustainable development: The future of economic statistics 


Challenges in national accounts estimation


Monthly and sectoral disaggregation of Indonesia's gross fixed capital formation - Anisa Muna Majidah

Regional national accounts of Nepal: An approach for disaggregated accounting methodology -  Nanda Lal Sapkota

Measuring R&D in the era of revolution industry 4.0: Issues and challenges, a case study of Indonesia - Eni Lestariningsih, Karmila Maharani, Titi Kanti Lestari, Francesco Tornatore

Enhancement of changes in inventories estimation  - Wisnu Winardi, Mutiara Gita Fadhilah, Fitri Andri Astuti 

Estimating equity valuation in Indonesia financial accounts - Suswandi, Hana Dwi Kristanti 

Integrating asset accounts and flow accounts: A combined presentation of energy accounts in Indonesia - Zanial Fahmi Firdaus 

Integrating data to leave no one behind 


The national data archive system – cataloging surveys for SDG dicators - Mahesh Kumar Subedi

Improving data availability for economic empowerment of women in Sri Lanka: A study on data integration for monitoring the SDGs - Gamini De Silva 

An alternative approach to measure poverty in East Indonesia - Bukhari Fauzul Rahman, Ika Wirawati, Khairiyah Rizkiyah

Small area estimation for monitoring SDGs in Sub-National Level - Yuniarti

Emerging techniques in using Big Data   

SESSION PRESENTATION: Plenary session 1 - Emerging techniques in using big data 
Lessons for effective public-private partnerships from the use of mobile phone data in Indonesian tourism statistics  Siim Eskom, Titi Kanti Lestari

Subjective happiness index based on twitter in Indonesia - Asita Sekar Asri, Siti Mariyah

Measuring commuting statistics in Indonesia using mobile positioning data - Amanda Pratama Putra, Ignatius Aditya Setyadi, Siim Esko, Titi Kanti Lestari

Development of a big data analysis system (Case Study: Unemployment statistics) - Maftukhatul Qomariyah Virati, Rachmi Agustiyani; Siti Mariyah, Setia Pramana

Increasing the visibility and credibility of National Statistical Offices

SESSION PRESENTATION: Increasing the visibility and credibility of National Statistical Offices
Review of the National Statistical System in the Maldives - Ashiyath Shazna, Aminath Musfiqa Ibrahim

Creative and Digital Economy  


Exploration and practice of new economy statistics within NBS - Wang Guan 

E-commerce: The contribution to Malaysia’s economy - Mazreha Ya'akub, Hasnah Mat 

Use of digital currencies in measuring Indonesia’s digital economy - Lovaditya Dhika Primaganis, Nasrudi 

Emerging creative economy in Indonesia: Updating IO table and measuring regional contribution of creative economy - Ria Arinda, Theresa Novalia 

The Future of Price Statistics  


Study of consumer price index based on e-commerce in Indonesia  - Alifa Putri Wijaya, Siti Mariyah

Calculating decile inflation in Iran by using online prices data and fuzzy clustering method - Reza Hadizadeh, Hojjat Akbarian, Mansooreh Yazdankhah, Leila Teimourian

Calculating PPI for the Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Group of Activities by Using online Data - Hojjat Akbarian, Sedigheh Mirzaei, Reza Hadizadeh 

New techniques for tourism statistics 

SESSION PRESENTATION - Parallel session 5: New techniques in tourism statistics

Review on tourism direct gross domestic product light - an indicator for measuring sustainable tourism - K Megala Kumarran, Azrulnizam Zul

Digital survey approach for tourism statistics - Rina Indriani, Atika Nashirah Hasyyati, Titi Kanti Lestari

The use of big data as leading indicators of tourism demand - Titi Kanti Lestari, Siim Esko, Alexander Rayner, Amalia A. Widyasanti

The use of mobile positioning data to obtain accommodation statistics: Case study of Indonesia - Agus Ruslani, Wa Ode Zuhayeni Madjida, Amin Rois Sinung Nugroho

Accommodation and the sharing economy in New Zealand Hamish Grant

Use of administrative data 


Big data for market frame creation - Ignatius Aditya Setyadi, Azif Rifai, Laura Intan Fadilah

Trade by enterprise characteristics: Managing structured data in a big data environment - Nur Aziha Mansor, Muhaimin Naim Md Nasir 

Development of export and import price indices in Bhutan - Penjor Gyeltshen, Bikash Gurun

Development of SBR in Myanmar - Khin Ohnmar Myint Thein, Phyu Pyar Aung

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VIDEOS (Link to download them from google drive)

  • BPS-Indonesia efforts for professional statistics visualization
  • BPS-Indonesia video presentation
  • Statistical Yearbook of Indonesia 2018 in videographics

    Data products, dissemination and utilization aspects of economic statistics in Nepal towards achieving sustainable development goal - Mahesh Chand Pradhan

    Initiatives for strengthening economic statistics through statistical literacy - Gangaram Bhattarai

    Driving social media to build statistical culture - Maulana Faris

    Investing in statistical knowledge – a road to sustainable statistical literacy - Maulana Faris and Yuniarti

    Infographic as quick wins towards excellent public service - Zulhan Rudyansyah and Yuniarti

    Special sessions