2019 Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week

The 2019 Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week (2019 APES) features a four-day seminar; exhibits; the eight meeting of the Steering Group for the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics (RPES); and project support meetings.

The seminar is designed within the RPES for Asia and the Pacific, under the theme “Integrating economic statistics in monitoring the 2030 Agenda”. This year, the seminar drew interests from more than a hundred authors across the region with topics focusing on: 1) alternative data sources for production of official economic statistics and SDG indicators; 2) emerging issues in economic statistics; and 3) communicating economic statistics.

Through careful evaluation and quality review, 32 papers from national stakeholders and three development partners were accepted. The seminar will be showcasing key findings on national studies and research on economic statistics conducted by practitioners and experts on the field with one high level discussion; three plenary sessions and six parallel sessions. It will cover the following topics: monitoring sustainable development and the future of economic statistics; emerging techniques in using big data; use of administrative data; challenges in national accounts estimation; creative and digital economy; new techniques for tourism statistics; price statistics; data integration; and communication and use of economic statistics.

To promote and highlight important works and developments in the field of statistics, three special sessions will feature current work on economic statistics by representatives of international organizations and national statistical organization from 17-19 June. Likewise, exhibits on the RPES Capacity Screening and the SDG Gateway, among others, will offer participants insights on various projects happening within and around the region.

Finally, on 21 June, the Steering Group of the RPES will have a meeting to review progress in the implementation of the second phase of the programme (2014-2019) and provide recommendations for its final phase.

The organization of the seminar is supported by a Task Force working under the Steering Group and comprising Malaysia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand and Turkey.

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Evaluation of the seminar

8th Meeting of SGRPES

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Additional information and questions can be addressed to stat.unescap@un.org