2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week

The 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week features a seminar, special sessions on screening for economic statistics capacity and measuring economic loss from disasters, the sixth meeting of the Steering Group for the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics and a project support meeting.

The seminar is designed within the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics for Asia and the Pacific, under the theme of Advancing economic statistics for the Sustainable Development Goals. A variety of sessions will add perspectives on the theme, including legal and institutional frameworks, environmental and natural resources accounting, statistical business registers, big data, quality assurance frameworks, national accounts and dissemination and communication of statistical products. The organization of the seminar is supported by a Task Force working under the Steering Group and comprising Malaysia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand and Turkey.

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Screening for ecomonic statistics capacity 2017


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Economic loss from Disasters


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Requests for additional information and questions can be addressed to Ms Supaporn Chatwanichkul at chatwanichkul@un.org with copy to stat.unescap@un.org, or by phone +66 2288 2492.