Ocean Accounts

Vital information to monitor and evaluate progress towards SDG 14 is available, but it is fragmented across scientific domains, policy frameworks and institutions. ESCAP and UN Environment are leading a global effort to develop statistical guidance based on the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA). The Ocean Accounts Framework provides guidance on selecting, prioritizing and standardizing data of national, regional and global importance, so that it can be integrated and thereby provide a comprehensive view. This requires a conversation among scientists, policy makers and statisticians.

Ocean Accounts
Ocean Accounts Presentation - Ocean Accounts.pptx
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Ocean Accounts - Linking SEEA-CF Presentation - Linking SEEA-CF.pptx
Ocean Accounts - Ecosystem Extent and Condition Presentation - Ocean Accounts - Ecosystem Extent and Condition.pptx
Ocean Accounts - Ecosystem Services Supply and Use Presentation - Ocean Accounts - Ecosystem Services Supply and Use.pptx
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For further information on the Ocean Accounts in Asia and the Pacific, please visit https://oceanaccounts.unescap.org