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Sessions Title Author Country
1 Making greater use of administrative data in economic statistics.docx 
Page, Mathew New Zealand
1 Monthly flash estimates of economic growth in georgia.docx Gogoberishvili, Levan Georgia
1 The collection of financial services activities statistics in Malaysia.docx Ismail, Siti Malaysia
1 Statistical units-theory and practice.docx Khoo, Jonathon Australia


Benfords law for some macro-economic data in India.docx (author withdrew) Biswas, S. India
3 How to measure and improve the quality of economic statistics.pdf Firat, Ahmet T. Turkey
3 Using supply and use tables to improve key economic statistics.docx Mariasingham, Joseph ADB

Monitoring consumer price trend using daily price data of online grocery stores.docx

Das, Abhiman India
5 Comparison of consumer and wholesale price indices.docx Das, Praggya India
5 Use of latest technology in data capture for consumer prices Philippine experience.docx Regala, Dulce Philippines
5 Comparison of consumer price index basket between current base year.docx Tai, Nyaung Myanmar
6 Other services accounts in Iran.doc Najafi, Banafsheh Iran
6 Measurement of FISIM in Malaysia.docx Rosni,Farihin Malaysia
6 Regional GDP compilation.docx Badamtsetseg, Batjargal Mongolia
6 Measuring goods for processing and manufacturing services in Malaysia.docx Shafie, Suhaily Malaysia
6 Fiji's tourism satellite accounts.docx Krishna, Bimlesh Fiji
2 From Data to Information and From Information to Policy Making.pdf Cakir, Murat Turkey
2 Size classification in compilation of performance indicators of private corporate sector.docx Nandi, Shaoni India
2 National Data Centre and Financial Statistics Office.pdf Cakir, Murat Turkey

Comparison between the results obtained of old and new activity classification in identify of key sectors of Iran economic.docx

Hakimipoor, Nader Iran
2 STATSDW: streamlining the statistical data management.docx (author withdrew) Muhamad, Rosnah Malaysia
2 Enormous success of monthly manufacturing online survey through NEWSS.docx Omar, Sabri Malaysia
2 Collection of macro financial statistics for central banking - evolution of information acquisition and management technology.docx Joshi, Ajit India
2 The establishment of statistical business process in China.doc Li, Zhi China

Strategic planning for improving the statistical register systems of manufacturing industries.docx

Fayyaz, Saeed Iran

Harmonization and integration of internal data sources in constructing SBR initial data.docx

Suharni, Lien Indonesia

Business registers data used for offical statistics - case study in Viet Nam.docx

Ha, Do Ngoc Viet Nam

Adoption of standard business register in the pacific.docx

Nilima Lal Pacific Community

Development of BR-data sources and complications.docx

Jan, Bahrawar Pakistan

An integrated approach to establishing the statistical business registers in Asia.docx

Capilit, Eileen ADB

MSBR innovate new insight of Msia trade stats.docx

Mansor, Nur Aziha Malaysia