SGRPES and SGRPES Task Force

The Steering Group for the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics (SGRPES) was reconstituted in 2013 upon the request of the Committee on Statistics at its third session, which took place in 2012. Given the high level of interest from member countries and development partners, a Coordination Committee of eight members in order to facilitate the work of the Steering Group, was established by the Bureau of the Committee on Statistics.

At SGRPES's fifth meeting, the Group agreed on forming topic-based task forces at priority areas as a way of providing substantive support to the implementation of the Regional Programme. Four Task Forces were formed to work on advancing economic statistics at the regional level: 

1. Task Force on Statistical Business Registers Terms of Reference 

2. Task Force on Capacity Screening II  Terms of Reference

3. Task Force on APES Terms of Reference

4. Task Force on Quality Assurance Framework Term of Reference