Resources on Core Set 

Standards and methodologies on core set of economic statistics  
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This page is a pool of resources on International standards and guideline on each core set of economic statistics. Resources are available in English and in Russian.

Training materials on economic core set of statistics 

This page offers a wide range of training materials, categorized by core set of economic statistics.

Regional Course on Integrated Economic Statistics to Support 2008 SNA Implementation

Follow below instructions to access this self-paced e-learning course. 

1) Click E-learning package, download and save all folders and files into your local computer
2) Double-click on the file titled RPES_Integrated_Statistics.html to open it in the browser. Although internet connection is not necessary, a browser must be installed on the machine to launch the HTML page
3) You can access each module by clicking on respective bullets 
4) Exercises and solutions can be found in the folder Exercises 
Important: Ensure that the folder names and file names are not changed otherwise the links to module in the HTML main page will not work.

Resources on Statistical Business Registers (SBR) 

Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers 
UNECE | 2015 | 339 Pages 

This is a set of international guidelines and recommendations of good practices on SBRs to help countries in developing and maintaining their SBRs. The Guidelines have been prepared by the Task Force on Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers under UNECE and were approved by the Conference of European Statisticians at its sixty-third session in June 2015.

Business registers: Recommendations manual (Eurostat)
Eurostat | 2010 | 350 Pages

This Manual aims to explain the reasoning behind the provisions of the Regulation. It aims to provide the extra information required for the correct and consistent interpretation of the Regulation in all countries. It is very much focused on the harmonization of SBRs among EU member states.

Guidelines for Building Statistical Business Registers in Africa 
African Development Bank | 2014 | 162 Pages

This Guidelines to provide a general background to the need for an SBR and the concepts on which it is based, a description of the functions of an SBR, detailed information on SBR development and implementation; and a starting point for harmonization of SBRs across African NSOs.

Pacific Business Register Development Guide (SPC)
Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Australian Bureau of Statistics | 2014 | 42 Pages

This is a broad guide to assist the development and improvement of business registers in national statistical offices (NSOs) in PICTs, to ensure that: a) development progresses according to global best practice; and b) development occurs consistently and harmoniously within the Pacific region toallow better statistical comparability across borders and future cooperation between NSOs in the region. 

Manual on Statistical Business Registers in the Andean Community | Spanish only
Secretaría General de la Comunidad Andina | 2010 | 88 Pages

This manual aimed to harmonize develop and harmonize of the directories statistical business in the Andean Community.

Compendium of Technical Recommendations and Best Practices for Preparing Directories of Enterprises and Establishments 
ECLAC | 2013 | 35 Pages

The general purpose of the compendium is to present, in a systematized way, the common framework of shared concepts and definitions and the set of technical recommendations and best practices identified for the creation, updating and ongoing improvement of directories of enterprises and establishments.

Course on SBRs (SIAP)

Wiesbaden Group on Business Registers 

The Wiesbaden Group on Business Registers is an international expert group under the umbrella of the UN Statistical Commission engaged in further development of business registers, survey frames and associated topics. The group provides a forum for the exchange of views and experiences and the conduct of joint work related to the development, maintenance and use of business registers.