Committee on Statistics

Committee on Statistics

The Committee on Statistics is a subsidiary body of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) that is dedicated to the development of official statistics in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Committee on Statistics is convened biannually and currently has the following broad terms of reference defined by its strategic goals, which it endorsed in 2010:

1)     Ensure that all countries in the region by 2020 have the capability to provide a basic range of population, economic, social and environmental statistics.

2)      Create a more adaptive and cost-effective information management environment for national statistical offices through stronger collaboration.


Steering Group of the Regional Programme of Economic Statistics

The Steering Group for the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics (SGRPES) was reconstituted in 2013 upon the request of the Committee on Statistics at its third session, which took place in 2012. Given the high level of interest from member countries and development partners, a Coordination Committee of eight members in order to facilitate the work of the Steering Group, was established by the Bureau of the Committee on Statistics.