2016 Seminar Component


2016 Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week

Seminar Component: 2 - 4 May 2016


The Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week is designed as a regular forum for experts and managers involved in economic statistics production and dissemination in Asia and the Pacific. The Week comprises a three-day seminar and a 1-2 day(s) meeting of the Steering Group for the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics.

The present call for papers pertains to the seminar component, where analysis relevant to economic statistics production and dissemination are presented and discussed by experts from National Statistical Offices (NSOs) and international organizations. The themes of the seminar are selected with a view to supporting the development of economic statistics in Asia-Pacific within the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics.

2016 Themes

Papers for the 2016 Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week should be prepared under one of the following themes:

I. Quality of economic statistics production

  • Methodological improvements to national accounts through implementation of statistical standards, such as experiences with implementing methodological changes in line with the 2008 SNA with regards to GDP exhaustiveness
  • Improvement in the use of existing data sources or experiments with alternative data sources, e.g. administrative data use for economic statistics, use of alternative data sources for producing economic statistics
  • Improvements in compilation of economic statistics, e.g. application of new classifications or comparison of data from various sources for the improvement of resulting statistical outputs such as indicators

II. Statistical infrastructure

  • Improving business processes to support the production of integrated economic statistics, e.g. using modernization standards (e.g. GSBPM) to streamline the production of economic statistics and align business processes
  • Statistical business registers and challenges NSOs face in constructing SBRs (e.g. defining data sources, partnerships with other agencies etc.), maintaining SBRs (e.g. using administrative registers, detecting births and deaths, etc.), and using SBRs (e.g. producing business statistics)
  • Improving economic statistics dissemination, e.g. policy formulation or application of  international standards, e.g. SDMX


Preparation and submission of abstracts

  • Guidelines for abstracts
    • Must be written in English
    • Word limit: 200-350 words
    • Font Arial, size 11, single spacing
  • Submission of abstracts

      In the cover email, authors should indicate which one of the 2 themes their abstract relates to.


      Important dates

      • Deadline for submitting abstracts: 20 January 2016
      • Deadline for submitting papers: 5 April 2016
      • Deadline for submitting presentation slides: 20 April 2016


      Detailed guidelines and templates

      Guidelines and templates for abstracts and papers are provided on the Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week website.


      Secretariat contact

      Requests for additional information and questions can be addressed to stat.unescap@un.org with copy to Ms. Jingyi Xie at xie4@un.org, or by phone +66 2288 1653.