2016 Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week


The Regional Programme on Economic Statistics, which provides the framework for the development of economic statistics in Asia and the Pacific, is in its second phase (2015-2017) with increased regional funding and reiterated commitment from member States. Since the endorsement of the Regional Programme, senior economic statisticians of the region and international organizations have been convening in annual Steering Group meetings to discuss strategic management of the Programme.

With the implementation of the Regional Programme accelerated, there is an increasing need to provide regional substantive support to countries for ensuring effective and efficient production and dissemination of basic economic statistics as well as to share Programme outputs such as national research studies across the region on a regular basis.

Furthermore, the implementation of new and emerging standards and guidelines (e.g. financial production, flows and stocks in the SNA (2015); measuring global production (2015); business registers (2015)), would benefit from a regional forum.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics week, hence, is designed as a regular forum where normative and analytical products affecting economic statistics production and dissemination would be presented and discussed by member States and development partners.



The Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics week will provide a forum of regular substantive exchange that is in sync with the capacity development agenda of the region defined by the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics. In particular, the Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics week is designed to:


  • Share research on the implementation of international standards with a view to facilitate the uptake of newly developed methodologies;
  • Encourage economic statistics research and information sharing on themes and areas prioritized by member States;
  • Facilitate and support analytical work by national statistical systems on economic statistics outputs as well as production, processing and dissemination frameworks.



For each year’s event, an Organizing Committee will be formed to undertake the substantive preparation for the Week. In particular, the Organizing Committee will be in charge of designing sessions, calling for and screening papers and identifying resource persons based on the theme selected by the Steering Group. Both memberStates and development partners, regardless of Steering Group membership, can be Organizing Committee members. The composition of the Organizing Committee for the Economic Statistics Week of the following year will be decided by the Steering Group in their annual meetings.



The Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week comprises three days of activities centering on economic statistics, organized back to back with a meeting of the Steering Group for the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics. The three days are organized as:

  • Sessions for sharing and discussing research products resulting from Regional Programme activities
  • Sessions for sharing and discussing new and emerging methodological work

These different sessions could be organized as panel discussions or conference sessions with formal presentations. Every presenter will be requested to submit a paper on their topic which will be published on the ESCAP website.

In addition, memberStates and development partners will be invited to exhibit their work and publications throughout the week in the UN Conference Centre.


Substantive Theme

The theme will be selected by the Steering Group members based on a list of proposals to be coordinated by the secretariat in consultation with memberStates and development partners.

The Core Set of Economic Statistics and the Regional Programme outputs provide the range of economic statistics areas that the activities can focus on. Hence, the substantive themes of the Asia-Pacific week can be categorized as:

  • Economic statistics topic areas (prices and costs; demand and output; income and wealth; money and banking; government; labour market and natural resources and environment statistics) and linkages between economic statistics and other domains of statistics
  • Statistical infrastructure for economic statistics (e.g. data sources, collection and dissemination tools, quality assurance frameworks, policies for economic statistics production and dissemination)
  • Institutional setting for economic statistics production and dissemination (e.g. national experiences of coordination among agencies, institutional framework for business registers, statistical law and economic statistics, communication of economic statistics to users, etc.)



The primary target group of the Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics week is senior economic statisticians in memberStates (from NSOs, Central Banks and Ministries of Finance) and concerned international organizations. Depending on the theme, the participant group can be expanded to cover statisticians from other departments of the national statistical systems and/or users, etc.



The Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week will take place annually at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.