APES 2019 - Featured papers

High level panel discussion on Monitoring sustainable development: The future of economic statistics 


Challenges in national accounts estimation


Monthly and sectoral disaggregation of Indonesia's gross fixed capital formation - Anisa Muna Majidah, Nasrudin 


Regional national accounts of Nepal: An approach for disaggregated accounting methodology Nanda Lal Sapkota 


Measuring R&D in the era of revolution industry 4.0: Issues and challenges, a case study of Indonesia  - Eni Lestariningsih, Karmila Maharani, Titi Kanti Lestari, Francesco Tornatore 


Enhancement of changes in inventories estimation  - Wisnu Winardi, Mutiara Gita Fadhilah, Fitri Andri Astuti 



Estimating equity valuation in Indonesia financial accountsSuswandi, Hana Dwi Kristanti 


Integrating asset accounts and flow accounts: A combined presentation of energy accounts in Indonesia - Zanial Fahmi Firdaus 


Integrating data to leave no one behind 



The national data archive system – cataloging surveys for SDG dicators - Mahesh Kumar Subedi

Improving data availability for economic empowerment of women in Sri Lanka: A study on data integration for monitoring the SDGs - Gamini De Silva


An alternative approach to measure poverty in East Indonesia - Bukhari Fauzul Rahman, Ika Wirawati, Khairiyah Rizkiyah


Small area estimation for monitoring SDGs in Sub-National Level - Yuniarti


Emerging techniques in using Big Data   

Session presentation   
Lessons for effective public-private partnerships from the use of mobile phone data in Indonesian tourism statistics  Siim Eskom, Titi Kanti Lestari

Subjective happiness index based on twitter in Indonesia - Asita Sekar Asri, Siti Mariyah


Measuring commuting statistics in Indonesia using mobile positioning data - Amanda Pratama Putra, Ignatius Aditya Setyadi, Siim Esko, Titi Kanti Lestari

Development of a big data analysis system (Case Study: Unemployment statistics)Maftukhatul Qomariyah Virati, Rachmi Agustiyani; Siti Mariyah, Setia Pramana


Increasing the visibility and credibility of National Statistical Offices

Session presentation
Review of the National Statistical System in the Maldives - Ashiyath Shazna, Aminath Musfiqa Ibrahim

Creative and Digital Economy  


Exploration and practice of new economy statistics within NBS - Wang Guan - Presentation 


E-commerce: The contribution to Malaysia’s economy - Mazreha Ya'akub, Hasnah Mat Presentation 


Use of digital currencies in measuring Indonesia’s digital economy - Lovaditya Dhika Primaganis, Nasrudi - Presentation 


Emerging creative economy in Indonesia: Updating IO table and measuring regional contribution of creative economy - Ria Arinda, Theresa Novalia  - Presentation


The Future of Price Statistics  

Study of consumer price index based on e-commerce in Indonesia  - Alifa Putri Wijaya, Siti Mariyah


Calculating decile inflation in Iran by using online prices data and fuzzy clustering method - Reza Hadizadeh, Hojjat Akbarian, Mansooreh Yazdankhah, Leila Teimourian


Calculating PPI for the arts, entertainment and recreation group of activities by using open data - Hojjat Akbarian, Sedigheh Mirzaei, Reza Hadizadeh 

New techniques for tourism statistics 

Review of tourism direct gross domestic product light - an indicator for measuring sustainable tourism - K Megala Kumarran, Azrulnizam Zul

Digital survey approach for tourism statisticsRina Indriani, Atika Nashirah Hasyyati, Titi Kanti Lestari

The use of big data as leading indicators of tourism demandTiti Kanti Lestari, Siim Esko, Alexander Rayner, Amalia A. Widyasanti

The use of mobile positioning data to obtain accommodation statistics: Case study of Indonesia - Agus Ruslani, Wa Ode Zuhayeni Madjida, Amin Rois Sinung Nugroho

Accommodation and the sharing economy in New ZealandHamish Grant

Use of administrative data 

Big data for market frame creationIgnatius Aditya Setyadi, Azif Rifai, Laura Intan Fadilah

Trade by enterprise characteristics: Managing structured data in a big data environment - Nur Aziha Mansor, Muhaimin Naim Md Nasir 

Development of export and import price indices in BhutanPenjor Gyeltshen, Bikash Gurun

Development of SBR in MyanmarKhin Ohnmar Myint Thein, Phyu Pyar Aung

Where are we without our users?

Data products, dissemination and utilization aspects of economic statistics in Nepal towards achieving sustainable development goalsMahesh Chand Pradhan

Initiatives for strengthening economic statistics through statistical literacy - Gangaram Bhattarai

Driving social media to build statistical culture - Maulana Faris

Investing in statistical knowledge – a road to sustainable statistical literacyMaulana Faris and Yuniarti

Infographic as quick wins towards excellent public serviceZulhan Rudyansyah and Yuniarti